Your Computer is Broken…FIX it or FORGET it?

It Doesn’t Work

That’s pretty much what we all say in our heads when our lifeblood…our computers, stop working. Whether it is just sluggish, won’t turn on, or you get the dreaded “blue screen of death”, a broken computer is almost always a hassle.
We use our computers for entertainment, to gain knowledge, and most importantly, for work. Once the realization has set in that your computer is not coming back to life (and often after a few choice swear words…) it’s time to make the decision…FIX IT OR FORGET (and get a new one).

Before and Now

In decades past (think early 80’s and earlier) there was no question that if something you owned broke, you would pay to repair it rather than replace. FIX IT shops were common, and people would pay minimal fees to fix everything from radios, alarm clocks, tv’s and even toasters. So much of these products were mechanical in nature and often it was simply the case of a worn-out part that needed to be replaced. These days, thanks to technological advancements and better, more efficient manufacturing processes, and the lack of businesses who simply fix things, it is often cheaper to buy a new one than to get the old one fixed. Your laptop or home computer is no exception.

What is the Cost

While the computer FIX IT guys do exist, the “Geeks” as they are called, usually charge upwards of $125 per hour to do their thing. This fee is charged whether they fix the computer or now and a diagnosis could day an hour to begin with, much less the time to actually get the machine back up and running. This means you could be out $250, $375, or more just to get your outdated machine back to working condition! (yep, if you’ve had your computer for more than a year, it is likely outdated, such is the life of constant technological improvement!) Considering you can now purchase laptops that are fast, efficient, and come equipped with TONS of storage for as little as a few hundred dollars, the decision to buy a new one is made a little easier.

Can You Sell It?

Another factor that helps to add clarity to the question of FIXING or FORGETTING is the recent existence of businesses who will purchase your old computers and electronic equipment, whether they are working or not. These firms buy bulk old electronics (mainly computers and cell phones) and either work to fix the machines and then sell them or they simply recycle the components (computers and cell phones contain metals that can be harvested and sold to be used to make newer equipment.) While the amount of money you receive from these firms may not be huge, it can often go a long way towards purchasing a newer machine. Add to that the fact that you wont have to spend tons of money hoping to fix your computer only to find out it ISN’T fixable (yep, the geeks charge you whether they fix it or not!) and selling your computer to one of these firms may make even more sense.
So, the next time you find yourself starting at your computer…blankly…while coming to the realization that it simply doesn’t work, know that you do have a few choices at hand. FIX IT or FORGET IT (and get a new one!)

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