We Service Both PC & Mac!

Fixing your PC or Mac is no problem for our technicians. Rest assured we'll take good care of you and your computer, whatever the brand may be.

Virus, Spyware, Malware Removal

Is your computer bogging down with a bad infection? We'll take care of it!

Operating System (OS) Diagnostic, Updates, Upgrades, Re-installation

Operating system problems can be a huge pain. Let us take the stress out of troubleshooting it for you.

Hardware Upgrades

Looking to add a new hard drive or maybe a new video card? We'll install and test it in no time at all.


Routine maintenance is good for your car, so why wouldn't it be good for your computer? Well, it is! Let us be your computer mechanic and keep everything in tip-top shape.


We all need help sometimes. When it comes to computers, tablets, and phones - we're the help! Call us today to schedule a tutoring appointment.

Data Recovery

If your drive is failing, we can help! We partner with DriveSavers to bring you the best data recovery services in the industry.

On-Site Services Available

Your business might grind to a halt if you have to bring your troubled computer in, so we offer an on-site option that keeps your business running while we figure out the solution to your problem.


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- Virus, Spyware, Malware Removal
- Operating System (OS) Diagnostics
- Hardware Upgrades
- Computer Maintenance
- Tutoring
- Data Recovery
- On-Site Services Available

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