Places to sell laptop and devices


Places to sell laptops and broken electronics online.

You may be looking to sell your laptop or just to see how much it’s worth. In any case, you will find this article helpful as we discuss here the best ways to sell used laptops and other electronic devices.

Most people are familiar with eBay, Amazon and Craigslist. The first two are internet based markets where one can list pretty much any kind of item hoping to find a buyer willing to pay the asking price. Those services are close to perfect in a very general way. As you get into more details you will possibly find the two much more complicated than it seemed in the beginning.

Browsing eBay and Amazon listings is easy and usually fun. Bidding and buying items gets even better.

But have you listed and tried to sell? This is where you hit the first wall. For new users it’s not so easy nowadays to set up an account and be able to start selling right away. If you get through the setup process, and manage to sell your laptop, you will hit another wall. First, beware of scammers. Many thieves use places like eBay and Amazon. They have perfected ways to steal from others through fraudulent transactions. Yes, PayPal and others spent millions on protection but scammers always find ways to get ahead of the game.

For some people trading goods online just the name PayPal means a red flag. That’s sad considering that PayPal is one of the greatest 20th century’s inventions supporting trading goods on the internet.

OK, so you managed to sell your laptop on eBay or Amazon and your buyer turns out to be legit and honest. Perfect. Well, if you are not an established seller on either platform they will hold the money you just made for 30 or 45 days. Yes they will. If you didn’t know that you better check their policies before you invest your time and effort in something that you may want to avoid altogether.

Craigslist is up next. Let’s hope you won’t have to meet with one of the Craigslist killers. That’s a joke. Craigslist is a greatest platform of all in a sense. At least in the US. It’s free for any private use. Craigslist simply connects a seller with a buyer and doesn’t want any fee unlike services mentioned before. Craigslist makes more sense if you are looking to buy or sell a motorcycle or a car. Basically something of a higher value where you can invest more time into one transaction. That’s because you will need to meet with the buyer or buyers. Craigslist can’t guarantee that the first buyer you meet with will pay your asking price and will buy your laptop. Craigslist is known for its bargaining aspect. It is almost certain that the buyer will offer you less for the laptop than your asking price posted in your ad. If you don’t accept it then you will need to meet another person that hopefully will offer you enough to close the transaction.

This is why I say it makes more sense when selling something worth at least a few thousands of dollars. If you're selling a laptop worth $200, or $60, you don’t want to spend hours dealing with it. What you want is some place that will pay a fair price for your gadget and take care of the transaction.

Believe it or not there are places like that. They are also based on the internet so you don’t need to go anywhere. Start simply by Googling what you are looking for. In this case Google: “sell laptop”. You will find several services that at first glance look the same. To seed the good ones out I checked all the ones that appeared of first page of Google’s search. I spent time reading customers’ reviews and checking factors like how long the service was in business. Obviously after reading the reviews I learned that some places are better than others. Afterall, I picked to websites that offer the best service for anyone seeking to sell laptops and other electronics.

Sell Broke Home Page

The first one I saw was I just love the layout. This site is extremely easy to navigate. The service is very straight forward. SellBroke not only offers to buy back your laptop, but also a wide array of electronic devices. That makes it even more interesting for people looking to sell a laptop, tablet and a smartphone in one transaction. But that’s not all the website offers to buy. You can sell an iPod, a drone, 3D Printer and more. If that’s not good enough here’s the best part: buys broken devices. They also offer online quotes for defective devices as well, so you know beforehand how much you will be paid.

The offers are actually very good and reflect a fair market value of even broken electronic gadgets. Who would even imagine that broken devices can still hold that much value? You will have to see it for yourself. Get online and start browsing SellBroke’s listings for the devices you own and see how much money you can get even if they don’t work. That’s even more fun than browsing eBay and Amazon.

Another website that caught my attention upon reading online reviews was

This service is more focused on buying just laptops. But once you actually go to the page you will see that they offer case for tablets and smartphones as well. homepage

I really love the simplicity and purposefulness of this website. It takes only a couple of minutes on average to check their offers on used and broken electronics and to complete an order buy filling out simple forms. As soon as you finish the online checkout a prepaid shipping label along with instructions are awaiting you at your email box. Simply print them and pack your laptop or smartphone and you’re good to go. The sooner you mail your devices, the sooner you will get your money. The best part: you don’t have to wait another 45 days for your own money to be released to you like with internet giants mentioned before.

I sold my laptops to both websites and I love them. I will never even waste my time seeking other ways to recycle my electronics. I know my old gadgets are happy with where I sell them. I’m happy with the service and most of all money I get.

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