How To Fix A Lagging Laptop

how to fix a lagging laptopWhy is my laptop getting slow? This question usually pops up in the mind of every PC user after using their system for some time. Even when you try as much as possible to keep your laptops safe, you find out that after using it for a while and installing different hardware and software components, your laptop starts getting slow. You can sell your laptop and get a new one, or make your old laptop faster. Below I will be sharing few tips on how to get your laptop running speedily and preventing from lagging.

Check Startup Entries

One major cause of system lagging is too many programs that automatically start running when you turn on your computer. You can address this by right-clicking on your start menu and clicking on your Task Manager (Note: The Task Manager and startup might be located differently according to the type of laptop.)

When you get to the startup column, disable any application that is of no use, it is advisable to remove the apps with a high impact on the computer's performance and avoid the ones that have the producer of the computer as the "Publisher."

Uninstall dormant programs

You will find out that when you got our PC, there are generally several apps that come pre-installed that you might never use. Also, in the course of operating your system, you downloaded many apps that seemed "usable" at first until you got tired and bored of it.

Too many programs on your laptop play a huge role in decreasing the performance of your system. To remedy this, you can go to the control panel of your system, and click on "programs and features" and select any program you know is not needed and uninstall them.

Check for Virus and Malware

Another major cause of poor computer performance is when you have viruses on your system. Although almost every system comes with an inbuilt antivirus app, studies show that these apps are inadequate when it comes to effectiveness. You should purchase other anti-virus apps, get packages that have proved to be very effective over the years. Use the anti-virus to run a thorough scan on your system and remove anything that comes up on the radar as harmful.

Add RAM and Storage

Simultaneous tasks on the laptop can also lead to the slow pace of computer tasks and operations. For your laptop's processor to work at its best, pay attention to the apps you open simultaneously and close them once you are done with them.

Upgrading your RAM tooling kit can go a long way in curbing this problem. Also, findings have shown that if your laptops storage space goes less down 10%, there is a high chance of it affecting the performance of your computer, so one should always control the rate at which files and programs move into the computer and delete when in excess. A simple solution to this also could be an installation of external storage.

Other tips to restore your laptops performance could include running regular "disk cleanups" and "disk defragmenting," running regular updates and getting a cooling pad to avoid over-heating

Yes! You can still get your laptop back to speed. You don't have to get a new laptop if you subscribe to these tips.

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