Can Laptops be upgraded?

For those of us that don’t understand why our laptops are slow to the point of driving us mad, you don’t need to complain any more or feel wrong about your device. Having a slow device is a typical situation when using an older laptop. This issue can be caused by different agents such as the battery, RAM, or Hard Drive. Whatever is the cause can be worked on, and your system restored to default. How can it be fixed? By upgrading or replacing whatever is the cause with a higher or newer version.

Let’s look at some part of our laptop that can be upgraded to get your system back to speed.

Upgrade the battery

Our laptop battery tends to start losing its potency after a long period of usage or overcharging. That’s why it’s advisable to remove your charger when your device is full. At this point, its either you replace your battery or buy one with a higher potency. But be warned that third party batteries do not pass through tests to ascertain the quality of the battery.

Upgrade your RAM

The RAM is part of the internal components of our laptop that controls the speed functions of our device. If the work your laptop is handling or software, you’re running takes up lots of RAM space, the system would become slow and need a change of RAM or additional component to increase its speed. That’s why it’s advisable to find a system with enough RAM space to handle your tasks when you want to purchase a laptop.

Now, if you’re suffering from a slow operational laptop due to RAM, check your RAM capacity in your settings and see the amount of space each software consumes. If it’s not enough, take out the former RAM and add a new higher capacity RAM or your combine two RAM capacity to boost the performance of your laptop.

Upgrade Your Hard Drive

Upgrading your Hard Drive is one of the most natural things to do to a computer system due to its positioning and ejection allowance. Almost every laptop comes with a 2.5-inch hard drive, but each of them is not at the same size or height. The trick involved in changing the hard drive is to look for the one that matches your former hard drive in height and width, or it will not fit.

You can also upgrade your laptop performance by installing a solid-state drive (SSD), but you must confirm if it matches the former in height before completing the purchase.

Upgrade your wireless

You may not know this, but your wireless can cause your PC to slow down and underperform. At this point, it needs an upgrade. To change the wireless function of your system, you need to change the wireless card. These days lots of vendors sell the mini PCI-E slot for wireless cards. Before purchasing, there are two factors to consider, which is if your computer provider blacklists wireless cards or the version of your computer. So, if your laptop is of an old version, it may not have the required aerials that suit the modern-day laptop and wireless card, and that could be a problem.

If your laptop blacklists wireless cards, then the recommended solution is to buy a USB wireless dongle. However, you must remember to connect via your USB dongle and not to your wireless card when you want to use the wireless connection, as both will show in your connection box.

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